Sunday, 16 June 2013

Choosing your installer for a garden irrigation project

Like any project you undertake choosing an installer is an important factor to take into consideration.  When you ask for a quote, you're not only asking for a price but looking at how they present themselves and whether they will be the best installer for you. A comprehensive quote detailing products they may use, how they intend to install,  and where they intend to install it is vital to ensure that you, the client, gets exactly what you want and where you want it.

Here are a few tips on what to look for:

Get more than one quote - It makes sense to shop around. 

Proven track record - How long have they been around?  Someone who has been around for a few years may indicate that they have a proven rack record. It's not always the case though. Ask to speak to or visit a project that they have completed in your area.  

Price - Be wary of those who provide a quote which differs vastly from the others whether it's extremely high or very low.  There may be an issue.  Compare like with like.  Some installers (not all) are happy to install a system at a really low price...but get what you pay for...and you may never see them again.

Products - Make sure the products the company use are great quality and also have a proven track record.  We use mainly Rain Bird products as we have found them to be durable and robust.  There are obviously other products on the market which are suitable for a system, such as Hunter and Toro.  Make sure they are using the best you can afford.

Follow ups - Does the installer offer follow ups?  Will they visit once the system is up and running or will you never see them again?  Where are they based? Are they local? 

This isn't a comprehensive guide, but gives you a few common sense tips when choosing a system and an installer.  Make sure you know what you want. The survey should take around 1 hour.  Your installer should talk through with you your requirements to get an idea of how you'd like the system to be planned.  Nothing is ever set in stone and small changes can be made on site which shouldn't affect the price.  We like to allow for expansion to a system so that the client has the possibility to extend the system once they've seen it in action!

Finally, if you need any advice with a system that you have or you would like us to quote for you...please contact us via the website.

Happy Watering!

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